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This is Estela Canama’s website. She is a freelance poet, writer and blogger from the Philippines. Her work has appeared in websites including Poetry soup and Family Friend Poems. . .

Alt= A Covid-19 Story. The radiance of hope amidst pandemic."
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 Alt= A Covid-19 Story. The radiance of hope amidst pandemic."


A Radiance of Hope Amidst Pandemic: A COVID-19 Story


The world turned upside down when COVID-19 virus spreads like a wildfire disrupting the lives of many people around the globe. Everything changed in just a blink of an eye. There will be no more social gatherings. The social contact is being limited to avoid the risk of infection. We are hiding from this unseen enemy and whenever we go outside anxiety often hunts us that we might bring the virus home. We need to take good care of our health by following the minimum health safety protocols. However, in every pandemic there is a brighter side. Diamonds really sparks when buried on mud. The nature is thriving during the lockdown.  We become cognizant of our giftings and started sharing it for a cause.  Everyone plays a vital role in this trying times. The frontliners are considered as unsung heroes of modern times. Many lockdown gems that become part of this battle to fight COVID-19.  Since some work from home and schools were closed, the family bonding strengthens during the quarantine. We are able to unite in faith virtually hence churches were also closed. We believe that God will sustain our needs and keep us safe from the disease. We need to keep the faith and offer our lives to Him.

The trauma and anxiety that we experience is inevitable. The isolation anxiety is so much overwhelming during the hard lockdown. We need to limit social interactions to avoid the risk of being infected by the virus. We were not allowed to attend birthday celebrations and other important occasions. Many celebrated their birthdays on lockdown. As of my sister and I, we celebrated our birthdays without our loved ones. We missed our mother’s birthday that somehow broke our hearts. It is not usual to celebrate her birthday far from us especially that my mother’s health is not well. We can’t help but follow the restrictions. Many people wanted to travel to visit their families from afar, yet the Coronavirus hampered them. Hence, by listening and obeying those in authorities will make us safe and lowers the risks of being infected from the virus.

However, in every pandemic there is a radiance of hope. The social media is flooded with encouraging words. We must help one another to cope up with this stressful situation. We need to motivate and gave them hope in times of testing. No man can survive alone. We need a confidant to lean on during the lowest moments in life. A friend who will always be there to inspire us to move on. It serves as a radiance of light shining in the darkest cavern. Hope then abounds and pain and anxiety slowly declines. Each one of us, discovered our creativity and talents. Some have discovered their ability to write some timely poems and diverse creative writings that would inspire others. During the lockdown, I was able to hone my passion in writing and inspiring others through the wisdom God has been given me. Then, many honed their artistry and their talents on painting. While some became plant lovers and enthusiasts. My sister and I were into backyard gardening and we planted vegetables and flowers that somehow, lessen our stress and anxiety.  And most of the homeliners were into cooking business. They have earned out of their newly found skills. Since many lose their means of living because of the pandemic. These hidden talents shed a light in the dusk and were able to survive. The world though in turmoil have seen the light. This light shines brightly and spreads inspirations to every downcast soul.

The nature is thriving and the air pollution lessened during the lockdown. My sister and I has roamed around and we have seen diverse insects seemed to be enjoying the placid environs. The lockdown is a distressing part of our life’s journey. It is very traumatic and even made our lives miserable. However, we were able to manage it through what we called radiance of hope amidst pandemic. We have discovered that nature has much to offer.  And we manage to capture even the smallest insects. The birds and butterflies were flying freely. They were showing up since we were on quarantine due to COVID-19. This made us realize how important life is and those around us.

The radiance of hope could also be seen on the generosity of those around us. They are the lockdown gems that shines brightly for others. Many Good Samaritans and heroes of modern times, sprouted in the middle of crisis and helping others on their own little way.  They serve as light to those who were afflicted. They shared their blessings to the paupers and street dwellers. They are like an angel spreading their wings of generosity to those in dire need. These street dwellers don’t have any protection from the virus. While we are focusing on the adverse effects of the virus on us and keep ourselves safe in any ways possible not knowing those street dwellers are not exactly aware of what is happening around them. They have their own battles inside.  Poverty and scarcity are their major concerns. Their faith is indeed, commendable.

The healthcare workers have been fighting with all their might for the unseen enemy. These unsung heroes even risked their lives so that others may live. Although they’re afraid inside, yet they became bold enough to help and treat the sick. The frontliners were the most exposed individuals and without seeing the enemy, these modern heroes would fight until the end. This is an awe- inspiring commitment and strong passion on their profession.  The riders who deliver goods and services to every home are of great help for the stay home buddies or the homeliners since many of us were afraid of going outside. We might bring the virus home unknowingly.  As homeliners, it is part of our duties to help those who were affected and offer a helping hand for them to survive. The backliners or farmers who provide us food must not be taken for granted. They are so affected by this crisis. We need to help them in any ways possible. One of our greatest contributions aside from financial matter is to pray for them. Those who are sick and inflicted with the diseases has suffered much not only themselves but their families from discrimination. Let us not condemn them for we don’t exactly know what they have gone through in their battle for COVID-19.

The government officials and leaders who are never tired of reminding us to stay safe and follow health protocols. The World Health Organization (WHO) plays a great role on information dissemination. They are doing their job on providing us necessary information for our safety. It is indeed, a milestone that the world helping together on fighting this unseen enemy. They are working so hard to unravel this unlikely situation we are facing now for more than a year already. The scientists and health experts strongly fight this Coronavirus that ruined lives and put each one of us in a cliff of misery and tribulation. Many lost their loved ones due to COVID-19 virus that inflicted the world. The scientists invented vaccines that will serve as a silver lining to lessen the spread of this virus and hopefully eradicate the COVID-19 in God’s timeline.

During the hard lockdown the churches were closed. Although at first we felt sad because we cannot attend church services. However, we can always get touch to our Creator through prayer and His people through social media. The church keeps on reminding us to always cling on to God amidst pandemic. The COVID-19 teaches us to be strong and have enough faith to survive from this devastating disease that stricken the world today. I have learned a lot despite from this painful situation. We need to know that every circumstance in life happens for a reason. And God has a purpose for it although we can’t discern it now.

We never know why this pandemic came beyond our grasp. It reminded us that life is more important than material possessions. We must love our families more than our jobs and most of all to put God first in everything we do. We know that this would soon be over. It would so be rewarding to be able to do your part in doing your mission amidst the threats of the unseen enemy. Let us thank God that we have made it and are able to survive through His grace and guidance. Since we are still breathing and free from any sickness, it only means that we still have a mission while living here on earth. Let us indeed discover and hone it by sharing it to others and become one of the lockdown gems that will glitter in the valley of helplessness.  We need to know that living here on earth is just temporary. Let us indeed, take good care of our health and our loved ones. Hence, life may shrink at any moment and there will be no regrets for not doing the best of it. We need to treasure every living thing for it is God’s gift to us. The Coronavirus has made us stronger and strengthens our relationship to God and to our loved ones. The battle we are still fighting now would definitely bound to end someday.  And we will realize that every circumstance has a purpose with hard lessons to ponder on. All we need to do is to keep the faith. This has been my COVID-19 story and it portrays my experiences and the lives around me during this trying times.




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