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This is Estela Canama’s website. She is a freelance poet, writer and blogger from the Philippines. Her work has appeared in websites including Poetry soup and Family Friend Poems. . .

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Couplet Poems

Rhyming Couplet Examples   Music Music is like a refreshing spring; It takes away life’s sorrow and sting.   Miracle Many miracles will happen, When your heart is pure and clean   Creation Nature is a perfect reflection, of God’s wondrous creation.   Simplicity Simplicity leads to sharing; Charity is the joy of living.   Friend A faithful and loving friend Always be there till the end   Narrow road Amidst the valley of uncertainty A narrow road towards eternity   Hope A new hope is sprouting in Like a rainbow after the rain

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Acrostic Poems

EARTH Earth is our temporal home Always take good care of it Respect the nature’s gift Transform and save life Help conserve our planet   CHURCH Christian community Holy people of God Universal fellowship Respect one’s dignity Cheerful beings and God-fearing Herald of the Good News   JOHN  Joyful and fantastic Open-minded Honest and loyal Nice guy   PAUL  People person Always ready to help others Unique and creative guy Living a godly life   PETER Peace-loving Enthusiastic Thinker and brilliant Expressive Responsible   LAURA Lively and elegant Always smiling Understanding Respectful lady Amiable   NOW, IT’S YOUR TIME TO SPELL OUT YOUR NAME… ENJOY!!!

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Christian Living Quotes

Giving ourselves in the service of other people brings joy and contentment.   Simple lifestyle is the manifestation of sharing and serving others in dire need.   Expect the best and get it through the grace of God!   We need not to compare ourselves to other people because we are God’s special, unique creation.   God answers our prayer on less expected time and even doubly grants our requests.   A life without purpose is just like a race without a finish line.   Enthusiasm is the key to a successful life but dullness leads to failure and defeats.   What are you going to do with your talents? Share it, invest it, and make the best out of it and God will surely be glad if you’ll do it!   Money can buy material things but not the salvation of our souls.   Break the worry habit in

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