God’s Grace- A Rhyming Couplets

Alt= "About God's grace in times of trials and confusion in life."


God’s Grace- A Rhyming Couplets

When I’m running on my tiresome race
You’ve comforted me with your grace

Your love for me is so great!
I strongly believe on my good fate

Despite of my wickedness
You always show me your goodness

I deeply praise you Almighty, Father
I know your love for me lasts forever!

In times of my confusion,
Your saving grace is my consolation.

I strongly believe on your promises;
You’ve thrilled me with your surprises!

I’ll hold on to your unconditional love,
I must be gentle and kind like a dove.

Lord, lead me into the mountain of peace
And help me savor your fountain of grace

Published by Estela

This is Estela Canama’s website. She is a freelance poet, writer and blogger from the Philippines. Her work has appeared in websites including Poetry soup and Family Friend Poems. She also co-authored the book entitled: Beseeching Grace: An International Prayer Collection edited by Kim Bond. She has been reviewing poems and quotes at Family Friend Poems since 2016. She loves writing different types of poetry, quotes, prayers and inspirational articles. One of her pastimes are gardening and reading inspirational books.

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